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2 MAY - 24 MAY

Valand Academy MFA Photography & Fine arts

We are happy to present a group exhibition featuring work by 22 students from the MFA in Fine Arts and Photography at Valand Academy. Transition/Omvandling offers the visitor an exclusive opportunity to view art by newly established artists with a wide variety of perspectives and forms of expression.

Contributing artists:
Britt Anderson (USA), Johanna Arvidsson (SE), Flemming Ove Bech (DK), Maria Gordana Belić (SE), Kanchan Burathoki (NPL), Matilda Enegren (FI), Azadeh Esmaili Zaghi (IRN/SE), Jonas Esteban Isfält (SE), Mourl Ferryman (JAM/UK), Amanda Hart (USA), Laura Hatfield (CAN), Marie Helgesen (NO), Martin Hultén (SE), Stefan Jensen (SE), Tobias Kiel Lauesen (DK), Peter Kädergård (SE), Alanna Lynch (CAN), Hannah MacFarlane (UK), Bergthor Morthens (ISL), Simon Rydén (SE), Emelie Sjunnesson (SE), Andrei Venghiac (ROU).

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