Goteborgs Konsthall
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2014.10.18 - 2015.1.11

Mark the Line is an examination of “the line,” not only as a sign of stylistic expression embodied in works of art, a fundamental trace, but a symbol, the direct, often unmediated expression of intellectual and psychological content. The exhibition focuses upon the line as both signaling division and as well creating a unity of space, charged with profound political, emotive or social implications. In its simplicity, the line sustains itself as a potent expression of political messages and humane action as well as inwardly looking existentially emotive questions.
The exhibition gathers in issues around “territory”; how one land is demarcated from another, who decides what should be mapped, how does history and accident “separate” humankind, and why? What are the current strategies from artistic to social to political claiming or reclaiming marked land? And in summary, how have artists attended to these subjects where we see growing political tension and cultural conflict around the world?


2015.2.21 - 2015.4.19

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