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Current exhibition

2014.06.13 - 2014.09.21

Naturum is a group exhibition featuring work by Linn Lindström, Caroline Mårtensson and Kristian Berglund, curated by Mikael Nanfeldt.

This year's summer exhibition Naturum draws its title from the Latin natura and its etymological kinship with the word nativity and hence birth. The idea of birth has been an important starting point for the exhibition, examining how humans in different ways create nature, as an idea, as ideology and as physical objects. Man's ability to create scenery for various purposes shows a huge diversity, ranging from the global economy's thirst for new "woodlands" to consume, to the individual's creation of their own micro-natures. And beyond nature as a practical aspect in all of our lives, it is also a continual scene of ideological speculation and combat since centuries. Not least, this is evident in the recurrent discussion on the distinction between nature and culture. What is nature and what is culture? Ideologically, nature has also come to be a place through which we highlight inclusion and exclusion, us and them. Anyone who does not fit into the concept can be locked out.

The exhibition Naturum is a place between life and decay, between order and chaos, between micro and macro, between uncontrolled variability and predestined design, between the individual and the collective, and between creation and death. The artists Linn Lindström, Caroline Mårtensson and Kristian Berglund all create ecological systems within the exhibition, in different ways examining the complex relationships between the self and what we call nature.

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Kristian Bergslund
Linn Lindström
Caroline Mårtensson

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