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Göteborgs Konsthall continue investigating nordic film beyond the cinemas. In cooperation with Göteborg Film Festival we present a sellection of the most exciting new video art from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Island.

During this exhibition we have additional opening hours on mondays 11-17.

Tinne Zenner (DK)
Sleeping District (2014) Duration/ 00:11:00

Tinne Zenner (b.1986, Denmark) is a visual artist based in Copenhagen, currently finishing her Master of Fine Arts at The Royal Danish Art Academy.

Outside and interior views of residential areas built during the Soviet Era are juxtaposed with disjointed conversations translated from Russian into a broken English. The film explores notions of home shaped by memory, history, family relations and objects. While related to tangible experiences, it suggests how these inform our imagination.

Santtu Koivu (Fi
n) Memory Trace (2011) Duration / 00:02:45

Santtu Koivu (b. 1980) in Vehkalahti, lives and works in Helsinki, Finland.

Santtu Koivu works mainly with experimental video. Koivu's works often focus on a person, telling a story through hands or body movement. Her videos convey a sense of carefree playfulness. In the silent black and white video work, Memory Trace, her grandmother and grandfather are playing a game from their childhood. After a moment of practice they find a conjoint rhythm.

Hlynur Pálmason
(IS) En Maler (2013) Duration / 00:30:00

Hlynur Pálmason (b. 1984) is an Icelandic artist and filmmaker, currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The film, En Maler, portrays the life of a painter, a successful artist living alone and isolated. Driven only by his work, he finds himself lost when he is forced to deal with his unannoced son and other outsiders that stand in the way of his work and get him out of balance.

Emilija Škarnulytė (LT) &
Tanya Busse (CA/NO) Hollow Earth (2013) Duration / 00:08:15

Emilija Škarnulytė (born 1987 in Litauen), lives and works in Tromsø, is an emerging artist working in the field of interdisciplinary art. She mostly uses video and photography, and produces installations and performances. Emilija’s work consists of a series of poetically active visions, in which she investigates reality from a political and poetic lens.

Tanya Busse (b. 1982, Moncton, NB) based in Tromsø, Norway is an artist who works predominantly with video, photography and print. Her practice raises questions concerning deep-time, invisible architecture and larger systems of power, with an experimental and often playful approach. Alongside her own artistic practice, she is also involved in the organization of various artistic and curatorial platforms, through her role as the director of Small Projects Gallery (Tromsø) and co-director of Mondo Books, an independent book distro that focuses on art publications, fanzines, and printed matter from the Northern region.

Hollow Earth is a visual meditation and examination of contemporary resource conditions within the circumpolar areas of the northern Europe. Combining research material, landscape shots and archival footage, this short film hopes to reflect over the changing image of the north, as a site where violence, desire, greed, and emotions are played out.

Lena Mattsson (SVE) The Unspeakable (2014) Duration: 00:03:37

Lena Mattsson (b. 1966 in Kungshamn). Lives and works in Malmö, Sweden. Mattsson is primarily a video and performance artist though she started her career with painting.

Lena Mattsson investigates questions such as what lies beyond the surface and what does we actually see and what is only an interpretation of our own imagination and assumptions based on our social and cultural references and personal experience?

The Unspeakable
is a video installation considering questions about the family and potential misfortunes luring beneath the happy surface.

Family happiness might change quick as a summer wind. Maybe life and death walks hand in hand in an eternal circuit where all living has a meaning and even the dead help us in our wrestling with important existential questions.

Music by Andi Almqvist

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